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Types Of Yoga And Benefits - Setubandhasan This posture not only controls blood pressure but also gives mental peace and cures digest...

Types Of Yoga And Benefits -


This posture not only controls blood pressure but also gives mental peace and cures digestion. Along with the stretching of the neck and spine, this asana also cleanses the menstrual symmetry. The method of doing the procedure: lie on the mat and lie down. Now lift your breath and move upwards above the feet. Raise your body in such a way that your neck and head remain on the floor and the rest of the body in the air You can also use hands for more support. If you have flexibility, you can also move your fingers behind the back to the extra stretching. Considering your comfort, complete this posture. Note: If you have a neck or back injury, do not post it.

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This posture is very effective for those who sit for a long time and have problems with posture. This stimulates the thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, lungs and stomach organs, in which the flow of blood gets faster and faster for the head and face, which improves the digestive process and the level of hormones are in control. Method of Session: Lie down on the floor and lie down. Place your arms next to the knees and turn your floor to the floor. Now slowly lift your feet with your buttocks. While raising the feet, support your body by placing your hands on the calyx. Now slow down, turn your feet from the nutrients and try to take the claws to the floor by taking them behind the head. Keep hands straight on so that they stay in touch with the floor. Breathe going upwards. Breathe back to bring back legs to return to the laying posture. Do not fall right down. Keep in mind: If you are suffering from liver, hypertension, diarrheal problems, menstrual cycle or injury in the neck, then do not post it.

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Known as the currency of Balasana children, this seat is a very important means of exemption. It stretches the nutrients, stomach and ankles. It relieves stress and fatigue. It is also helpful in lower back pain due to sitting for a long time.Assurance method: Sit on the knees on the floor. Now sit on your heels while flattening your feet. Make a distance between the two thighs. Breathe and bend downward from the waist. Let your stomach stay on the thighs and stretch the back and stretch. Now move your arms towards the front so that there is a pull in the back. You can put your forehead on the floor provided you have the same flexibility. But do not force the body together. With time you will be able to do this. Since it is stress-free asana, so breathe at normal speed. Keep this posture at a maximum of three minutes and at least five counties. Note: If you are pregnant or have injuries in knees or are suffering from diarrhea, do not do this asana. Parnayam: This seat can provide relief to you and The best way to relax the brain is to do it. Do you know that breathing only properly can naturally take out ninety percent of your body's toxin? We can learn the right way to breathe newborn babies. Have you seen their belly coming up while breathing and leaving them leaving? Breathing is the primary source of our energy. The key to a healthy and happy life is to breathe properly.

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It may be easy to do asana but it is considered one of the most effective rugs of yoga. It strengthens your arms, shoulders, back, buttocks, thighs. And this posture is excellent for a strong abuser in the body. Asana method: lie on the mat under the belly. Now place your palms in front of your face and fold the legs in such a way that the claws are pushing the ground. Now push the arm forward and lift your nutrient into the air. Your feet should be as close to the ground as possible and the neck should be loose. It is also known as Pramukh Swanasan. After reaching here, take a breath in and take your torso down like this, that your arms are on the ground so that your chest and shoulders stand on them straight. Stay in this posture till it becomes comfortable. Leave breath to come out of the asana and let the body lay on the floor comfortably. Note: If you have a back or shoulder injury or if you are suffering from high blood pressure, do not do this posture. 

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Kapal Bhati Pranayama

It is a form of breath-taking pranayama which acts to strengthen oxygen and abdominal muscles in the body. It reduces stomach fat and fixes digestive power. AAS method: To perform pranayama for cranial Bhati, keep the spine straight, sit in any meditational posture, dry house or chair. After this, swiftly breathe out both the holes of the nose as fast as possible. Also compress the stomach as far as possible. Thereafter, instantly breathes the breath from both holes of the nose and allow the stomach to come out as far as possible. This action can be increased by 50 times as much as 50 times as per strength and as needed, but do not exceed 50 times in one sequence. Gradually increase the sequence. At least 5 minutes and maximum 30 minutes. After this inhalation, you will initially feel swollen around the stomach muscles but do not worry, it is instantaneous and normal. Note: If you are suffering from high blood pressure or are suffering from hormones or heart related merge, do not post it.

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This posture is best for inner junkies. This yoga has an asana which strengthens your spine, lower back, knee and muscles of Kutch as well as removing your problems. It reduces the pain caused by menstrual cycle and fixes the digestive tract.Assurance method: Spread a double blanket, spread both feet towards the front and sit. First, bring both the knees to the feet while folding and mix the soles of both feet together. Interlock the fingers of both hands, hold the legs with both hands and keep the spine straight, like a butterfly sitting in the seat. Straighten the stomach and try to bring the legs closer to them so that the body gets tarnished. This is the initial state of this posture. Breathe deeply and breathe slowly, lean slowly forward from the waist in such a way that the spine and back muscles in the stretch remain. Try to touch your crown ground. If this is not possible, make your chin normalize the breath with the toe of the feet. In the end, breathing back in the initial position. Practice this posture as often as possible. Note: If you are injured in your knees, then do not post it.


Half matsyendrasan

This posture typically works to increase the ability to breathe your lungs and prevent oxygen more. At the same time, it relaxes the spine and eliminates back pain or other problems related to the pain. Method of doing the procedure: Spread the feet towards the front, the spine stays, and the two legs are attached to each other. Bend your left foot and take its eddy to the right side of the nutriks and take it. Now move the right foot towards the left foot and the left knee and the right hand behind the left hand. Turn the waist, shoulders and neck right and right in this sequence. Take long breaths and leave. Continue to breathe in the starting posture; First, put the right hand behind the back, then make the waist straight, then chest and end neck. Now do this procedure in the other direction. Note: If you have a back injury, then do this posture in front of any verified instructor.


With the regular practice of Uttanasana, the entire part of the body gets complete exercise and the stress present in these parts goes away. It is Yoga posture that makes the lateral parts of the legs flexible and strong. This posture has enough attraction in the vertebrae bones. Neck and brain get relaxation. Mental stress is less and peace comes. SAS Law: While practicing Uttanasana, head and neck should be folded as far as possible in the direction of land. At this stage the spine should be straight. The palms should be attached to the ground at the time of the asana. If you are not able to do this then keep the arms as far as possible in the direction of the ground or try to fold the knees to the extent that the palms can touch the ground. During exercises, try to keep the nutrients parallel to knees. Sun salutation: Surya Namaskar is a set of many Yogasanas which are done in a serial form. It has many qualities associated with weight loss because it covers the rugs which are tilted forward and backward and provide whole body stretching. There is no better practice than for the whole development of the whole body. It also excludes the toxic chemicals present in the organs located inside your body.

Tree of Life

It develops the stability and strength of the feet. It removes the excess fat around the waist and the clans and both the limbs remain strong from it. Due to this, it increases the balance of the mind. Balance in mind develops self-confidence and concentration. Continuing this keeps the body and mind continuous in itself.Assession method: First stand in careful posture. Then keep both legs apart from each other and then lifting the hands above the head, mix the palms together. After this, folding the right leg to the knee, put the soles on the left thigh. During this situation the right leg of the right should be under the anus and genital area. While balancing on the left leg, keep the palms, head and shoulders straight in the same direction. Try to maintain balance while concentrating. By breathing at normal speed and concentrating on one thing that is visible in front of you will help you maintain this posture. It is believed that if your mind is not concentrated then the body will not be stable. So as much as your mind is in your control, the easier it will be to make this seat. Do not try to resort to the chair or the wall for this seat. Note: If you have injuries in your knees or backs, then observe this posture only under the supervision of a trained yoga worker.


This seat, known as chair seat, requires concentration and you have to focus on those muscles which are being used in it. It strengthens the heart muscles, thighs and buttocks .Assurance method: Stand straight, keep both feet together. Put both palms in the foreword of prayer. The feet of the feet should be standing on the ground and sit on the ankles and sit down. Stretch the angles of the ankles by spreading both hands and knees over the knees. Turn your torso lightly forward. Stay in this currency till you are comfortable. Stand out straight from the seat to come out. Note: If you have a knee injury and a back injury, then do not post it.


It literally means warrior posture, this seat stretches your back and strengthens your thighs, buttocks and stomach. It increases your concentration and spreads your chest so that you can breathe better. It reduces the body's unwanted fat. SASAN METHOD: Standing together with both feet on the mat and holding hands with your hands. Now move your left foot forward and the obstacles and the left foot backwards. Now fold your right knee comfortably so that you can come in the pushing posture. Twist your torso towards the curved right foot. Turn slightly towards turning your left foot (about 400-600) so that you get extra support). Breathe, straighten your arms and lift your body upwards from knee bent. Stretch your arms up and gently move the torso back and tilt (bend) so that your back can shape the bow. Stay in this currency till you are comfortable with it. Breathe at normal speed. To get out of this seat, relax and straighten your right knee. Now bring your right leg to the original position. Come back to the position with the help of your hands. Do not be hasty, otherwise your back or leg may be injured. Repeat this seat for the second leg. Note: If you are suffering from high blood pressure, knees or back problems, please do this asana in the inspection of a yoga instructor.

This seat improves the muscles of your back, thighs, stomach and heart. Simply follow the steps of Veerabhadraan 1, but instead of lifting your hands over the head, this time twist your torso in such a way that your body is adjacent Point towards and raise your hands on both sides (your fingers should be open and should be parallel to your left and right legs spread on both sides). Now turn your head so that you are looking at the same and your right hand. Repeat the entire process for the left foot. Note: If you are suffering from diarrhea, do not post it.


Yoga is a method of living life. Yoga should be routine to stay healthy. Often people are attracted to half-hearted yoga and want to get all the benefits. This is not possible. Learn the first rugs from a qualified guru. Asanas written in books can teach only physical functions but their soul can only be learned by the guru.

 -  Know easy accessibility of the rugs

 -  Urbital expansion: Introduction of Asana

Upward, tense - stretch. Standing in the position of the triangle, stretching the body upward, it is called Vrindhostasana.

How to do

 -  Near the foot, near the side of the waist, back and neck in a straight, breathing-normal routine.

 -  Breathe the shoulders slowly and lift the hands slowly along the side. When the shoulder comes straight, apply the direction of the palm towards the sky and put the hands in the ear. Holding the opposite arms while folding the elbows. Tilt the neck down.

 -  Come to the claw, raise the heel. Breathing-general

 -  Pressure on the bruising fists, tightening of the muscles, pulling the thigh muscles upward, giving rise to the hips, fill the breathing out of the navel, inside the navel.

 -  Now pressing the nabhi and applying the formula by putting aviation bonds. Wait a moment for Kumbhak's situation.

 -  Slowly, opening the bond with the opposite order, come back to the same position from where the Asana was started.Keep in mind

 -  The knee will also rise above the lifting of the thigh muscles. Keep in mind that lift it up but do not press backwards.

 -  The spine will be flexible.

 -  Digestive diseases will be far away.

 -  Diabetes will be far away. Physical curvature will be far away.

 -  Profitable in removing diseases of Pedu region.

 -  The body will thrive and the mind will swell.

 -  Obesity and body fat will be far away.

 -  Will prove to be helpful in increasing the length.

When to do

In the condition of spinal deformities, in the case of weak feet, in obesity, droping shoulder and narrow chests.

Semi Chandrasan

This seat improves your strengths and upper and inner junkies. If you are worried about fat in these places then this posture will prove to be very effective. Extra stretch will also reduce stomach fat and make your body strong.Assurance method: First of all stand the two-legged heel. Both hands facing straight and eyes in front of the neck.

Then keep both feet around one to one and a half feet away. Keep the spinal straight. After this, lift the right hand upwards and parallel to the shoulder and then palm towards the sky. Then put the above hand upside down and raise the ears. During this time, keep in mind that the left hand stays with your waist. Then bend the right hand above the head and keep the head closed with the head and bend towards the left side.

During this time your left hand will automatically fall down. Keep in mind that the left hand palm can not separate from the left leg. As far as possible bends to the left, then stay in the condition of this semi-moon for 30-40 seconds. Slowly stand up again to come back. Then bring the hand adjacent to the ear and head again, parallel to the shoulder.

Then fold the palm towards the ground and bind the hand with the waist. This is the first instance of half moon Chandra Singh, right-handed with his left hand, now bend this seat from left hand to right and then come back to the state of rest. If you are suffering from digestive problems, if you are injured in the spine or are suffering from hypertension, then do not do this asana.


Shavasana is a Yogasana and it is usually done at the beginning and end of Yoga session. At this place, man looks like a dead body (like a dead body) without moving, so he is called as Bhavasana.
In today's stressful life, the seat that gives rest to the body and mind is Shavasana.

Action -

Sleep on the back Keep your hands from body to 4 to 6 inches. Keep your palms facing towards the ceiling. Hand fingers are partially erased. Keep one to one and a half feet in the feet. Tilt the inside, turn the tack out on the outer side. Left or right as a habit. Tilt the head right. Eyes closed.

For the first time, you have to start relaxing the body. Feel free to go to that part of the body and make your legs light. Lighten the foot from the feet to the room. Now, relax the muscles from the fingers to the shoulder with the help of both hands. Now relax the stomach, the chest muscles. Now lighten the back of the back, each spine After that, the whole face, the entire body becomes relaxed, and in the next phase, breathing problems are slow.

After that, make three consecutive resolutions in mind. I am getting physical and mental health because of yoga. After that, chanting Soham's mental chant. While breathing, say 'sleep' and say 'ha' when breathing. Then bring Kuladavat, honorable person, Guru in front of the eyes. Greet them. Remind your resolve and turn your eyes open slowly and slowly.

Benefits -

 -  Blood pressure stays controlled.

 -  Heart disease is useful.

 -  Suitable on psychiatric illnesses

 -  Physical, mental, spiritual, emotional benefits are available.

 -  Improve blood circulation Mind can be concentrated.

Kapalbhati Pranayama

The cranial is seen as a pranayama for illness. I have seen those who could not walk without the whips, who have run away without the hunchbacks. The seeker becomes self-sufficient due to the pulp. Becomes self-sufficient.

Blaugically opening the blockage in the heart is open from the first day and it will be fully opened in 15 days, without any medication.

The cardiovascular system increases the efficiency of the heart. There is no drug available for increasing cardiovascular efficiency. The heart function remains normal. Another one says, the heart of the shepherd does not stop. Now 70 to 80 percent of people die due to heart failure.

Krupalbhati has been a diesel valve in the body and body. Energy is generated in the body by the cradle. So the bales dissolve Whether it is in breast or in chest. Whether there is a tumor in the brain or a mid-siege in the ovary or fibroids from the uterus. Although there are many names, the tenancy is the same.

Cholesterol is increased by the frost. The main thing is to ask to stop cholesterol from the first day after embarking on the frost.

Ears, uric acid, SGO, SGPT, creatinine, TSH, hormones, Prolactin levels, which are increasingly grown in frost, are normal.

Hemoglobin reaches 12% in one month due to fracture. Hemoglobin Eats Alopecia tablets of growth and never seen anybody's hemoglobin increased. One year went to 26 to 18 years. Women should have hemoglobin 16 and men 18. It is considered a good sign.

All complaints of women's pyridas due to causticity become normal after one month.

Thyroid sickness disappears in a month due to caustic These tablets are said to be closed from the first day. This is due to crossover.

Not only this, the crayfish go beyond 5 minutes. Junk Hormones begin to grow secret Stress hmons disappeared. Mind and body fatigue disappears. The concentration that comes with the cradle does not come anywhere else. 

See how special it is Platelets grow due to the capillaries If white blood cells, red blood cells have become less or more common, they become normal and balanced. All balance is achieved by the cradle. No one is underweight and no one is overweight. Reduces weight of one to a half kg per day. There is no other solution like frozen fat to reduce or increase weight.

 For the sake of the cradle, the body remains balanced. Being underweight as well as being overweight is a disease.

Colonitis, ulcerative colitis, catabolism, neoplasia, dysentery, chronic dysentery, and infections such as recurrent diseases are cured. Constipation, gasses, acidity can also be cured. Complaints of all stomachs are removed by swearing.

In vitro, white skin, psoriasis, eczema, lucoderma, and scioderma are cured. There is no drug in the world of sciodica, which is cured by the cradle.

Due to the stomach upset, vitiligo can occur. As soon as the stomach gets better, vitiligo is cured.

Another type of arthritis is Rhomistidae Arthritis, which is RA Factor Positive. Obviously there is deformity in the bones here. Increased toxicity in the bones. Astro Arthritis is the bone loss of the cushions, cartilage breaks, ligaments sizzle, joints fall in the joints. Doctors at the Astro Arthritis offer steroids as a medicine. In medical science, steroids cause astro porosis. That means bones become weak, become frosty. See, steroids give astro arthritis bone fractures and the steroids give Astro Porosis to the same patient. That is, if one does not get sick, another disease is created. That is the medical science. Whether there is ignorance in the name of science.

The smallest intestine is fully exercised by the cradle. Vyayamas need to digest food. Dieting, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, proteins are absorbed in the intestine. Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, proteins are unhealthy, coughs, ligaments, bones begin to grow and in 3 to 9 months, bone diseases like Arthritis, Astro Arthritis, Astro Porosis are cured forever.

Remember that calcium, proteins, hemoglobin, vitamins pills exposes the body without digesting, as the pills made by chemicals are not absorbed in the body. Your body changes every 10% of the bones. This action is continuously going from birth to death till death. It was stopped due to some bone diseases. Krupalbhati does not stop this action. This should be done regularly.

Think, how one action in Pranayama gives. Such benefits do not get anywhere in one place, so pranayama is the best.

Every day make sun salutations and kalalbhatiyoga



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