Body Heating Treatment

if you have a body fever and you lost your body energy so here is a how to control the body fever treatment in homeopathy treatment.

If children are spending too much time in the sunlight, then children get heat stroke or power. There are some dangerous symptoms of this problem.

These include some of the symptoms of dizziness, fever, anemia, and frightening when headaches, nausea, vomiting, standing or sitting.

 These warm weather, humid conditions cause children to suffer from excessive heat, their body temperature increases It is too much heat that children become victims of some diseases.

   Dengue Fever Treatment
Dengue Fever Treatment

Young people are prone to body heat problems because of their weight as they get more heat than their children's weight. Hormonal levels are very low in children's children.

This is because children are less vulnerable. Children get sweat when there is too much temperature. Also, children need more time to adjust to changing environments than adults. Moreover, it is not too early to say that children are thirsty or have their feet dry.

It also mixes body strength. In the children, summer may cause various troubles.

 Due to the increase in temperature in the summer, the body's water is reduced due to heat due to heat loss, it is said that you can easily overcome this by making domestic solutions.

Heat activity (muscle spasm) -

In fact, due to summer, the amount of minerals and water in the body is reduced.

Even if children are not sweating, they also reduce their body water while playing.

It is possible to cause muscle pain. Children complain of stomach ache, legs, arms pain, etc.

Due to lack of water in the body, the mouth becomes tasteless.

Treatment  -

 Divide five basil leaves and three black pepper divisions. 2/3 times a day.

 Remove the basil leaves and ginger juice. Any fever is cured soon.

 Roasted Roasted Roasted Powder.

Mix the sugar mixed with five times in it.

Then take two grams of powdered water 3 times Or take this remedy before climbing in the heat.

This is a great solution. Press the palms of the hands. The grass Acupressure.

 Make such a head cool and the feet beneath the heated. Increase the immunization with regular yoga.

If there is no fever in the Anloam Vellom Pranayama every 10/15 minutes.

 Sipher and fringe should be firmly embedded in the water and wrap it on the forehead.

Early fever drops.

The headache decreases.

The fever quickly goes away by keeping the plate clean.

If the diet is taken, then the fever quickly decreases.

 Suger Cane works to remove the poisonous substances in its liver and kidneys Gullwell confronts the disease of the disease in his body and protects his body from the lever and urinary infection.

 Gulberg helps to heal the fever (fever) coming from the long-term. Sugar Cane has the properties of copper resistance.

 This increases the number of platelets in your blood that helps fight against any type of fever Due to the formation of dengue, the juice of sugar cane juice is also useful.

Gelvedic juice and honey are given to patients in the treatment of malaria, and treatment of malaria is helpful Gulwell improves our digestive system.

Gullwell is known to remove various types of stomach disorders. To regulate our digestive system, mix a little powder of Powder in a Grammarly powder and make regular use of it regularly.

 Sandy pulp is used for starch It is useful to remove the potassium by making strong vegetables and vegetables.

 The reason for the fever goes back to the face.

 If he grows his chest with a yellow belt then the cuff becomes thin and helps in getting it out.

This also causes fever.

 The head suffers in ailments such as fine fever or discomfort.

 This headache stops if the heating of hot water shakes the head Or even Amratangan or similar balm heads are relaxed, even if it gets crushed.

 If there is a chronic fever, then garnish the juice of the caraway and let it juice, and let the juice drink in the morning and evening.

 The level of essential minerals in the body will remain the same so that the children should drink water regularly.

 Instantly pour 500 ml of water in a spoonful of sugar and pinch of salt and let the children drink this mixture.

Children are feeling better that they should be stressed.

 During summer the essential minerals in the body are exhausted, so the babies are dizzy. It comes with excessive sweating.

Lips and tongue dry up and let the children sleep in a cold place.

 There should be plenty of fresh air in the room Also, give oral fluids, drinks to the mouth so that the body water quality is appropriate.

Ask the children to rest from home. Also, give more water. Considering the seriousness of the situation, consider the seriousness of the situation.

Keep the kids in cool and shadowy places. Wear loose clothes for kids and fan fences. Wipe the hair away from the kids.

Similarly, children should be given drinking water as well as salt sugar.

 Heatstroke is a serious problem among children.

Children play outside the continent since summer is a holiday. But if there are some day winters in summer, children do not sweat and sweat.

 Thus, children may notice signs of disgust, nausea, vomiting, sudden anemia, dizziness, irregular speech, heavy fever, dry and hot skin. In some cases, children may suffer from unconsciousness, fatigue, breathing problems, loss of breath, rapid pulse failure, and if you are suffering from severe conditions, you should start treating the seriousness of the situation.

 Keep the child in the shade. Sprinkle his clothes and sponge them with cold water. Onion is cool by nature, so apply onion the chest to the onion juice. It benefits greatly.

 Various drinks should be provided so that the minerals in the body will be filled again.

Apply sandalwood powder on the child's forehead and chest.

This helps to reduce body temperature Besides, coconut is given to the children. Infectious diseases occur in diseases such as swollen, bronchial, and gooseberry.

Although vaccination has reduced the number of these diseases, it remains in some cases.

Chickenpox, if children become infected, it may get scabbed. They have to be careful to avoid itching.

When the body temperature increases, children should wear cotton, loose clothes. They should get plenty of water.

 Urinal irritation This problem most of the children are in the summer.

This is due to the decrease in water levels in the body.

So there is trouble in urinating or burning.

When the water level in the body decreases, the number of minerals is reduced. For this, soak the rice or lentil of lentil water and drink it in the morning and evening. Or they can drink cumin seeds in the water at night and they should drink and drink water throughout the day.

 Drink a scepter of water. As the summer intensity increases, drink plenty of lemon, kokum, and walnuts.

Drink a mustard juice of a good place. Do not be hungry in the summer even for hungry children. Because the digestion condenses during the summer.

Due to the decrease in water, the skin becomes dry.

 Therefore, children are not able to clear their stomachs.

Include ghee and butter in the diet.

Black currant, let alone feed children.

Have a light meal for dinner. Pumpkin, soup, etc.

should be included in the diet.

 Keep water bars over 100 degrees.

Slowly water the water and give it repeatedly.

Due to the drying of the knee and knee (melanin), the fever reduces.

If the fever is not reduced in 2 hours, consult a doctor.

 Fill 100 grams of coriander powder, 50 grams of cumin powder, 50 grams of Badshweep and keep it in a glass jar.

Take a glass of whole glass of 1 teaspoon of coriander powder every night and soak it in water and drink it in the morning.
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The day is to be done until the month of the month Due to the silence of gunfire in Guldad, drink a spoonful of the empty stomach in the country and drink a spoonful of the empty stomach in the morning. Apply juice of fresh almond juice and stir it all over.

 If the coconut is better for massage, then due to the other benefits of calm sleep and calm sleep, the hair gets black Regular Shitalakshitri Krupalbhati Anholom Vyalam Pranayam. Heat irritation will not happen soon.

Body temperature helps the balanced side, stop the right nostril and keep the left nostril much longer Because it's moonlit.

So the garlic will be ready in the body Therefore, the left nostril will continue for a long time. Vitamins contain vitamins "B12", calcium, potassium and phosphorus which are very beneficial for the body ... whose stomach is not cleared and the stomach comes from the stomach.

After losing weight, 90% of body fat is filled and the heat in the body decreases rapidly and falls to very quiet sleep.

Even the common man also gets scorched every day and the heat in the body immediately decreases and strength increases tremendously.

 As the onion is cold, the heat in the body cools down and the fever decreases.

The onion should always be kept close to travel or during summer.

 1 cup of dill, 1 cup of coriander powder, half a cup of cumin seeds, finely chop all the raw mixer from it, keep it in a powder box and put it on the dining table, each time by taking glass twice a day (2 tbsp).

The heat in the body is very low.

 Pour down castor oil on the base of the base before going to bed. Massage the head.

This oil is slightly sticky, but it certainly benefits from reducing heat.

 Two drops of tuna in the night should be kept in the nose during the summer.

 The intake should consist of freshness.

 Only in the milk or milk should be taken in the night and empty in the morning.

 Almonds should be placed on the eye and should be made of aloe vera or gel.

 The copper ring reduces the body heat Physical and mental stress decreases.

 Copper also helps keep the body and mind calm.

 Take 1 spoon of cumin seeds and one spoon of water in 1 glass water and soak it in water and drink it in the morning.

 Sleeping and placing coconut oil on the table before sleeping in the night.

The nomination of indigenous cattle as well.

 There is a change in temperature according to the condition of every person.

If the color of the urine is not yellow, then it is appropriate.

 Eat healthy and easy-to-eat foods. Include fresh citrus or granules in the diet after lunch every afternoon.

Avoid eating white onions daily in the afternoon and the stomach will remain clean.

Do not eat bile growth, eat lightly.

 The fungus of the leaves in the fridge is because it is contagious on the surface of our body, it is beneficial and healthy for the body.

 It is a healthy and healthy ice cream ice fridge, in which there is chaos in the heat, due to the eruption of the kidneys and its liver becomes bad.

 Due to a lack of liquidity in the market, intestinal cancer liver cancer is becoming increasingly popular as kidney failure.

 Avoid traveling in the afternoon sunshine, when roasted, roasted white linen on top of the head, before casting it, place the castor oil on the bottom and place it on the bottom.



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Health And Beautytips: Body Heating Treatment
Body Heating Treatment
if you have a body fever and you lost your body energy so here is a how to control the body fever treatment in homeopathy treatment.
Health And Beautytips
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