How to growth Hemoglobin or Blood in the Body

if in your body blood is low and you feel health weakness so try to home made food eating and care health

Some people feel weakness due to lack of blood in the body, they start feeling tired, constantly tired. If you are experiencing these and various problems, then the amount of blood in your body is low.

  Many times signs of anemia due to deficiency of blood, weakness, weakness in the skin, swelling of the hands and feet, swelling etc. This problem gives women more trouble than men. People who have low levels of hemoglobin in the blood of people are prone to anemia. In the anemia patient, vitamin B, iron content, folic acid is reduced. Sometimes this disease can also be caused by genetic causes.

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If your body also has less blood, then pay special attention to your diet. Let's see what causes the blood to increase in blood and increase the anemia.

Lack of blood in the body can lead to many diseases. Because of which the person becomes weak and his body is unable to fight with diseases. Therefore, women and men should adopt these Ayurvedic remedies to increase the amount of blood in the body.

Causes of hemoglobin decrease -

Exercise too much.                                                                                     

Stress rise.                                                                                                                                               



Decreased digestibility.

Measures to increase hemoglobin -


Soybean contains high levels of vitamins and iron. It is beneficial for anemia patient to eat it. You can eat soybeans from the top.                                                                                                                    

Use iron utensils to prepare meals.                                                                                                              
Take vitamin "B".                                                                                                                             

Inadequate grains, vegetables, fruit vegetables, milk, pulses,cereals, fruits, grains, papaya etc.                                                                                                                                                             
Do yoga everyday.                                                                                                                                                                         

There are mainly three cells in the blood -

1 - red tissue (RBC)

2 - white muscle (WBC)

3 - Platytes.

Blood is the largest number of platelets in the blood. Mega carocytes containing platelets or large bone mass (red bone marrow) are formed from these cells.                                                         

Their blood life is generally 5-9 days long.                                                                                     

Older platelets are destroyed in the spleen and liver.                                                                                 
The work of platelets -

Blood flow through blood vessels is important. The main function of oxygen transmission was through blood. In addition, blood nourishes the various organs in the body.                                                                             
In case of an injury, blood loss may also occur if blood is transmitted to the blood vessels.                                                                                               
At this time plateletts and fibers work together to break the bloodstream in the injured area. That is why platelets

Number of platelets -

Generally, the number of platelets in human body is between 1.5 and 4.5 million. If the number exceeds a quantity, blood clotting can cause obstruction of the blood vessels.                                                                     
Therefore, there are diseases like heart disease, stroke. If there is obstruction in the blood vessels of the arteries, that part of the body may become impaired and decayed.                               

If the number is less than the standard, the bleeding is higher. That means blood is released from the nose, through the gums, from the spleen. There are red dots on the skin.                             

Monthly Season: The secretion is high. In case of injury, the bleeding does not get impaired. It is fatigued by excessive bleeding.

Reasons for Deficiency of Platelets -

Dengue, malaria fever                                                                                                                         

Genetic disorders                                                                                                                               


If the number decreases -

The number of platelets in the form of dengue and malaria can be reduced suddenly. If there is a fever of 2-3 days, then if the symptoms of those diseases are seen then you should take immediate medical examination (CBC test). Accordingly, take measures accordingly.

Things to remember when the number of platelets decreases -

Garlic should not eat.                                                                                                                             

Exercise more labor and do not be rude.                                                                                               

Do not take drugs like Aspirin, Cold Dag                                                                                                 
Take care that brushing does not require brushing.                                                                                     
Well, let's use it with care when using the case.                                                                                       

Take care not to have constipation.                                                                                                          .

The number of play tails in the body is known as thrombocytopenia. The normal platelet count in this healthy person is 150 thousand to 450 thousand per microliter.                                                 

But when this count falls below 150,000 per microliter, it is considered to be low platelet. Some specific medicines, genetic diseases, cancer, chemotherapy treatment, excessive consumption of alcohol and certain types of diseases.                                                                               

Eg Dengue, malaria, and chicken content decrease the number of blood platelets.

Papaya - Help to increase the use of both papaya fruit and leaf leaves in fewer days. The number of platelets decreasing in the blood due to dengue can be increased by consuming papaya leaf. Papaya leaves can boil in water like tea. It tastes like green tea.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Image result for Papaya                                     

Gulley - Juice blood plays an important role in raising blood platelets. Dangue sufferers use it to increase platelets and increase the immunity. Take two tablespoons of Sootha with one spoon of honey and take it twice a day or let it soak in the water overnight, and after waking up in the morning, drain it. This remedy will help to grow blood platelet.

Amla - Araw is a popular Ayurvedic treatment to increase platelets. Vitamin C, available in abundance in the vein, increases the 'C' platelets and helps you strengthen your immune system. Eat regular blank nuts 3-4 each morning. You can take this mixture by adding honey to two tablespoons of green juice.

Pumpkin - a useful diet to improve pumpkin low platelet control. Since pumpkin Vitamin 'A' is rich, it helps in the development of platelets properly. It regulates the protein produced in the cells. This helps in increasing platelet levels. If half a glass of semolina in a glass of juice is taken two times a day by throwing two tablespoons of honey, increasing the number of platelets in the blood.

Parents - Spinach is a good source of vitamin K, and it is used in the treatment of multiple platelet disorders. Vitamin 'K' is essential for proper blood clotting. In this way, it is helpful for parents to reduce the risk of bleeding. Boil the fresh leaves of 4 to 5 spinachs in two cups of water for a while. After that the water is cooled and mix half a glass of tomato juice in it. Take this mixture two to three times a day. In addition to this, you can make a shepherd's contribution in salad, soup, vegetable form.

Coconut water - Coconut water is very helpful in increasing blood platelet in the body. Electrolytes are abundant in coconut water. In addition to this, this water is a great source of mineral. It is useful in replacing the deficiency of blood platelets in the body.             

                               Image result for Coconut water

Beat - Beat consumption is the most popular diet to increase platelet. Because of the high levels of
natural antioxidants and hemostatic properties, beat platelet counts work in a few days. If two to three teaspoons of beet juice mixed with a glass of garlic, then the number of blood platelets increases rapidly. The antioxidant multiplication available in this body increases immunity.

Some people feel weakness due to lack of blood in the body, they start feeling tired, constantly tired. If you are experiencing these and various problems, then the amount of blood in your body is low. However, measures should be taken to increase the blood.

To increase hemoglobin, mix some salt in garlic and make chutney. Eating this chutney will help to increase hemoglobin.

                                        Image result for Heart hypertension

Lack of blood in the body can lead to many diseases. Because of which the person becomes weak and his body is unable to fight with diseases. Therefore, women and men should adopt these Ayurvedic remedies to increase the amount of blood in the body.   
Add daily grains of cereals in the process to increase the amount of blood in the body.    
A glass of apple cider always drinks.                                                                                
Sprinkle beet juice and honey in apple jugs Because the iron is high in this mixture. Or eating a regular bit helps in increasing blood flow.                                                             
Cook nuts and jugs together after dinner.                                                                             
Reduce the amount of tea and coffee drinking.                                                                    
Soak two tablespoons sesame seeds in water for two hours. After that, make a paste of water with a til of water. Eat this mixture twice a day with honey mixed in it. This helps in reducing blood deficiency.                                                                                                
Then take a bath with cold / warm water twice a day. And in the morning, sit in the sunlight for a while.  
Once a day, make tea with Tea, Cinnamon, Dill, Sugar, Water, Tea Powder and make tea with tea.                                                                                                                                 
Salt and garlic should be consumed regularly, so blood volume increases.By mixing a little bit of sandhwa salt and some mango powder in pomegranate juice, drinking it daily helps to cure iron deficiency in the body. If ripe mangoes are mixed with milk and there is a blood clot.                                                                                                                       
Vitamin C is a great amount of Tomato, which helps in increasing blood.In spinach, vitamin A, C, B9, iron, fiber and calcium are high. Parents can increase up to 20 percent of the time at a time. Parents can do it by using vegetable or soup. Add spinach, mustard, green gram, fenugreek, cilantro, mint and tomato in your food.                                          
Make a pilgrimage at least 30/60 minutes in the regular morning.                                       
To grow hemoglobin in the body, corn can be eaten and eatable. These are nutritious, you can roast it or boil it.                                                                                                              
Much more tea dangerous - enough and reduce the intake of tea. This is because these things prevent the body from taking iron.                                           
Tomato juice - Drinking a glass of tomato juice every day eliminates the lack of blood. So you can also make tomato soup by making it. You can use tomatoes to increase blood. Simultaneously drink a glass of tomato juice for blood growth. You can also drink apples and tomato juice if you like, if you like it.                                                                          
Green vegetables - Be sure to include bathrooms, peas, mustard, spinach, green coriander and mint in your food.                                                                                          
False-phalasee sherbet or falsake intake in the morning after morning the amount of blood in the body grows rapidly.                                                                                          
Garlic - To enhance the blood in the body, regularly take garlic and salt chutney. It removes hemoglobin deficiency.                                                                                           
Apple juice - apple juice drink daily. Mix the honey according to your taste in a glass of beetroot juice and drink it everyday. Iron juice is more in this juice. Shower bath - shower twice a day with cold water and sit in the sunlight after bathing in the morning.    Take a glass of apple juice. Mix a glass of beta and mix honey according to the taste. Drink it every day. This juice has more iron elements.  The good blood flow to the brain due to the abundance of nitrates in the beta is good. So the consumption of beta has been considered as intelligent.                                                
Walnut  - Walnut Because of the presence of vitamins, alkalis, monounsaturated fat in the larvae, its consumption is complementary to brain health. Regular eating of the larvae can prevent astigmatism. Because of high concentrations of alkalis and vitamins in fish, cereals and leafy vegetables, the retirement of the elderly can be avoided. According to Ayurveda, Brahmin works tonic for the medicinal brain. Therefore, the tradition of using it for the use of hair curry is custom since ancient times.                                                     
The copper ring helps keep blood pressure in control. Low blood pressure is beneficial for people suffering from it. Blood pressure is controlled due to trunk rings. You can also reduce the swelling of your body by putting a copper ring.                             
Drink plenty of fruits - Drink pomegranate, guava, papaya, lemon, apple and lemon etc.            
Amla and berries juice - Mixing amla juice and berries juice mixed with equal amounts increase the level of hemoglobin.                                                                             
Regular consumption of grains, grains, raisins, pulses and carrots - Munkka, cereals, raisins, pulses and carrots, and drink the date after drinking it in the night before sleeping.Sleeping on the left is due to smooth flow of blood due to sleep. This condition does not feel tired after getting up and sleeping with the gastric problems.                  
Shrihangada - Singhghada enhances both blood and strength in the body. By eating raw sugarcane, the level of hemoglobin increases in the body rapidly.  Singhada gives strength to the body and increases blood. There are a number of important nutrients in this. Consumption of raw sugarmins increases the amount of hemoglobin in the body rapidly.                                                 
Peanut and jaggery - To remove the lack of blood in the body, take the peanut granules chew and chew with jaggery .Jaggery unclean blood in the body is clean. You can stay away from diseases because of hot milk and slime feeding. 
Mango - eat mangoes of mango with sweet milk. By doing this the blood grows faster. It is better to eat milk and dates to fill the deficiency of blood in the body. To take this remedy some time before bedtime, wash the milk and drink milk. You should eat palm after drinking milk.     
Sprouted food - You can spray wheat, moth, moong and gram in your food and take breakfast in the morning by mixing lemons in it.  Mix one lemon into a glass of water and mix one spoon honey in it and drink it. Due to this daily routine, blood growth is very high.                                                                                        
Sesame and honey - Take two teaspoons of sesame seeds in water for two hours and then filter them by water and make a paste. Now add 1 teaspoon honey and take it twice a day. 

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Health And Beautytips: How to growth Hemoglobin or Blood in the Body
How to growth Hemoglobin or Blood in the Body
if in your body blood is low and you feel health weakness so try to home made food eating and care health
Health And Beautytips
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