Acidity and Indigestion Treatment or Acidity Yoga

if you have a stomach pain so do the home made treatment of stomach.

Dysfunction is not to digest food properly. In today's stressful life, many people see indigestion, gas and acidity as a problem, because of their fast life patterns. The discomfort of the indigestion can be manifested in different ways. After this, feeling uncomfortable after meals, headache, heartburn, heartburn, frequent collapsing, sweating, and stroke.

Digestive enzymes are produced in the stomach. Digestion is the conversion of food to the digestion of food, which leads to our nutrition and body shape.

Your fever is a long hollow tube that goes from the mouth to anus, which is usually nine meters in length. To digest nutrients in the body and to expel the body from the end of the abdominal placenta, it is done by the digestion.

Foods consume generality, after coming out of the esophagus into the stomach, digestive tract is processed and the food is properly digested. However, when the production of these digestive tract is low, then digestion does not occur properly so that indigestion complaints occur.

Causes of indulgence:

Disease is mainly caused by two causes. Due to inappropriate lifestyle and some physical ailments, obesity can be troubled.

The problem of indigestion occurs when there is a lack of deficiency of the digestive juices in the body.

Inadequate diet, eating more than enough food, not having dinner at night, fasting meals, swallowing food properly, eating more oily spicy flavors, consuming tea coffee breaks. Drinking alcohol, tobacco abuse Grow.

Nightly awakening, hyperthermia, mental stress, overdose, painkiller medicines, excessive use of steroids, indigestion complaints increase.

Signs of indigestion:

Lack of appetite, soreness in the mouth, acidity of water in the mouth, nausea, heartburn.

Headache, dizziness, heartburn, stomach gas, food stomach upturn, correlation (lack of cleanness), desire to avoid food, Feeling fatigue even after hard work, insomnia, frequent sleeping Symptoms such as getting it are known to be ignorant. The problem of irritation can be a presymptom of some critical illnesses.

That is why, if there are signs of constant vomiting, inversion of blood, loss of weight or loss of appetite, difficulty in swallowing grass, then the doctor should consult as early as possible.

Yoga for Acidity Action -
  • Sit quietly, keeping the waist at the first meeting. (Sudhasan / Aradhapadmasana / Padmasan / Siddhajan / Vajrasan).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Keep your mouth shut. Close the eyes.                                                                                                   
  • Take a long and long breath in the nose.                                                                                                 
  • Then release all the breath immediately with the nose. Do not prevent breathing.                            
  • Restore the same recipe.                                                                                                                          
  • Make up to three to five minutes.                                                                                                            
  • Slim people sick.                                                                                                                                          
  • Close your teeth and breathe. After air swallow leave all the air nose.                                                  
  • Do it as 15 times. Dental disorders are destroyed.
                                        Image result for Yoga for Stomach                                                                                                                                                                       
Yoga for Acidity Benefits -

  • The lungs, the heart, get plenty of oxygen.                                                                                          
  • So the blood was purified.                                                                                                                        
  • Blood circulation was good.                                                                                                                 
  • T. B. The disease cured.                                                                                                                           
  • Cold, asthma, asthma disease are destroyed.                                                                                       
  • The brain has a lot of blood supply.                                                                                                     
  • The intellect would be brilliant.                                                                                                        
  • The immune system increases.                                                                                                             
  • Memory increases.                                                                                                                                  
  • Vata pitta cough remains under control.                                                                                              
  • Frequent heat chills are permanently closed. 

Treatment For Acidity  -

 If you want to get rid of acidity, the cardamom is best. To get rid of cardamom or chew it better. The oil that comes out from it comes in the salivary gland. So your stomach is cleansed.

Take a balanced nutritious diet. Take a light diet. Eat gourds from top to bottom and eat gum.

Coke helps in solving problems like constipation and acidity.

You should eat a little bit more often than at the same time during the day. Wounds of leaves will get relief from wax, gas, stomach acidity and acidity. Bring 1 spoon of oven and one spoon cumin seeds together. Then boil it in the water. Drinking sugar in this water will give you relief from acidity.

To reduce mental and physical stress, use yoga or relaxation therapy.

Do not consume oily foods. Avoid tobacco consumption, drink, and avoid smoking. Do not eat coffee, cold drinks. Do not fall asleep immediately after eating. If possible, make a statement. If that is not possible, sit for a short time and then only sleep.

In case of dyspepsia or constipation, take half a spoon of fenugreekas with water. Consumption of constipation can be destroyed if some fenugreek seeds take in morning and evening water.

Dosage of constipation becomes constipated if one spoon of tomato or sesame seeds is consumed by taking honey every day.

Colonitis, ulcerative colitis, catabolism, neoplasia, dysentery, chronic dysentery, and infections such as recurrent diseases are cured. Constipation, gasses, acidity can also be cured. Complaints of all stomachs are removed by swearing.

Drying 1 gram of roasted oven leaves provides relief from indigestion. Wrap the oven for a little while in the winter and drink it with water.

The use of black salt after vomiting or indigestion is a common symptom. If you get nauseous feeling of nausea, then having a pinch of black salt under the tongue will reduce the vomiting. The use of black salt in lemon juice makes the body cheated. Black salt can also be added to the salad or on fruit spoons. But just by increasing the flavor, this extra black salt is more effective in your health. Salt and other nutrients in black salt are beneficial for the body.

 The combination of milk and garlic helps in producing digestive juices, which helps in problems like acidity and dyspepsia. If you eat a mango leaf everyday, indigestion does not occur.

Skipping to indigestion is the best solution. Drinking lemon, salt, and a little bit of cumin mixed with a little bit also make a difference. He also improves digestion of pineapple pods and sugar in it.

If you have eaten grapefruit on acidity, indigestion, collapsing or pelvic disorders, it reduces the cholesterol. The grape has high water content, as well as potassium alkalis. Therefore, grapes are beneficial because of urine multiplication due to kidney stones, urine ache and inflammation.

Haldi milk becomes a powerful antiseptic and treats intestinal ulcers and colitis with intestines making healthy. This causes digestion to be good. This does not cause ulcers, diarrhea and indigestion.

Bullshakesa, oats, roasted sesame seeds, semolina, dill get together and give birth to babies, problems of food, gas accidents, and lack of digestion are all about comfort. If there is blood in the problem of hemorrhagic acid, it is better to use sesamum along with butter and sugar beans, Nagakeshwar. Young children sometimes get stomach upset due to indigestion. In this case, stirring around the barbie, stirring the spicy Tilat and heat the cloth to hot spots. The pain quickly decreases.

Sometimes, due to indigestion, the stomach starts coming up. The stomach muscles begin to become stiff or throaty. In the meantime, add black salt to the lemon and mix it with salt. Due to the presence of potassium in black salt, a lot of muscle relaxes. If you are shedding the throat then adding black salt in hot water gives relief. Normal refined sweets increase water retention in the body, but black salt is reduced due to consumption. For people who have high blood pressure, it is good to have black salt intake. Its circulation keeps the circulation in the body smooth

Dosage of constipation becomes constipated if one spoon of tomato or sesame seeds is consumed by taking honey every day.

Before eating, bite 8 to 10 leaves of Tulsi. Tulsi leaves on rice The tradition of laying is the method. The purpose behind this is. Basil helps to digest food and is worn.

Avoid eating potato mangoes hungry. By consuming excessive blood, it produces blood disorders, constipation and stomach gas. Giving too much quantity of Kerry can cause chronic pain, indigestion, and stomach. Avoid drinking water immediately after eating carrots. Diabetics should avoid eating this fruit. Before eating, mangoes should be kept in cold water or freeze. He had less heat in it.

Due to the abundance of water and fiber in Kalindh, there is no such problem of indigestion, gas. Kalingaad is a useful fruit to keep digestion system properly.

Many problems related to pregnancy arise. Problems like gas and indigestion are common issues. Saffron treatment improves digestion and blood circulation also remains good.

Black pepper can also be consumed as a remedy for indigestion, laxatives, and constipation. This increases digestion. Black pepper tastes mouth due to black pepper. Due to the consumption of black pepper, stomach, indigestion, laxatives, constipation were removed. For this, add some black pepper powder and black salt and take it after lunch

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Health And Beautytips: Acidity and Indigestion Treatment or Acidity Yoga
Acidity and Indigestion Treatment or Acidity Yoga
if you have a stomach pain so do the home made treatment of stomach.
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